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SDB Explorer is
a user interface to explore
Amazon's SimpleDB

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Why do I need SDB Explorer for Amazon SimpleDB?

Use SDB Explorer, whenever you want to store your precious data on Amazon SimpleDB. SDB Explorer is designed to help you manage large amount of distributed data on Amazon SimpleDB. Create, store and update structured data in a cost efficient and simple way. Run queries in SDB Explorer like any other databases, easily, and without any coding.

Use SDB Explorer to store data on SimpleDB quickly and enjoy the abundant benefits of Amazon SimpleDB.

SDB Explorer Features:

  • Fast Upload, Export, Import and Delete.
  • Import data from CSV or from My Sql Database to Amazon SimpleDB.
  • Export multiple domains in CSV or in XML to native file system.
  • Edit multiple Amazon SimpleDB records with In-Place Cell Editing.
  • AWS IAM interface to manage users, groups, polices and credentials for Amazon SimpleDB service.
  • Easy Listing of Domains from all Region End Points supported by Amazon SimpleDB.
  • View Domain property.
  • Empty your domain.
  • Schedule SDB Commander for automation of Export Domain operation.
  • Execute Queries like in any standard Database Query Tool:
    • Highlight a part of a query and execute, only the highlighted part will get executed.
    • Comment-out Amazon SimpleDB queries that you do not want to execute.
  • Run Amazon SimpleDB SELECT queries to retrieve the data.
  • Add multi-value for an attribute OR replace older value with new value even while bulk uploading.
  • Multithreaded BatchPutAttributes for fast uploads during uploading bulk data.
  • Multithreaded BatchDeleteAttributes for fast delete.
  • Run multiple BatchPutAttributes processes in parallel for fast uploads.
  • Search on Item name (i.e. Amazon SimpleDB item identifier) without writing query.
  • Sort SimpleDB records by Attributes in ascending/ descending order.
  • Multiple rows delete on a single click.
  • View Amazon SimpleDB charges for last executed query.
  • Save AWS credentials with or without password on local.
  • Support for MAC/Linux/Windows platform.
  • Connect to the Amazon SimpleDB using proxy settings.
  • Automatically generate sequence of numbers with zero-padding and prefix for Item name: Zero-Padding will help you in querying for numerical data.
  • Tips, On-line Help, Documentation, Demos, Screen shots, Discussion forums, Product Support, Status info and Error reporting.


  • Save time by directly uploading desired fields and their respective values from database table to Amazon SimpleDB.
  • Select your own field as an Item-Identifier before you start upload.
  • Very fast retrieval of data.
  • Security access control.
Give SDB Explorer A Try Today!

Your credit card information is provided directly to and you are allowed to store structured data on SimpleDB. SimpleDB is FREE for 6 months and there are no charges on the first 25 Machine Hours, 1 GB of Data Transfer, & 1 GB of Storage each month, so give SimpleDB a try today!