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Amazon SimpleDB basics

Brief introduction:

Amazon SimpleDB is a non relational database service that serves user to store, process and query the structured data set. It also works closely with Amazon S3 (simple storage service) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Amazon SimpleDB also provides the core functionality of a given database by real-time lookup and simple querying of structured data and without experiencing the operational complexity. In addition, this tool also  automatically indexes the structured data and supplies a simple API to store and access.


Structured data stored in Amazon simpleDB is always indexed in an organized form called Domains . Here, you are required to run queries for the organized data embedded within a domain that acts like a simple table containing many rows and columns.


An Attribute , in simple language, is a column header that specifies its value content. Each item possesses its own sets of Attribute-Value pairs, and an attribute may have a single or multiple values.


Queries are the statements that fetch desired set or results from a set of structured data.

Users can query required data set by using this simple set of operators: =, !=, <, > <=, >=, STARTS-WITH,  AND, OR, NOT, INTERSECTION AND UNION.


Authentication function in Amazon SimpleDB ensures complete protection to user's private data.

AWS Access Key ID:

AWS Access Key ID is a unique identifier that instructs the SimpleDB to reach a specific user account. 

AWS Secret Access Key:

AWS Secret Access Key allows the user to gain access control over the given Access Key ID. Click here for more information about access & secret key.


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