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Amazon SimpleDB Boxusage: Cost for Query Operations.

Amazon SimpleDB calculates charges as:

  • First 25 Amazon SimpleDB Machine Hours consumed per month are free
  • $0.14 per Amazon SimpleDB Machine Hour consumed thereafter

Amazon SimpleDB measures the machine utilization for each request and charges based on the amount of machine capacity used to complete a particular request (QUERY, QUERYWITHATTRIBUTES, GET, PUT, etc.), and it is normalized to the hourly capacity of a circa, 2007, 1.7 GHz Xeon processor.

Here, we display the price for each query request that is sent to Amazon. Whenever the user runs any query or list items from the Explore option, then the query request is sent to Amazon server. In response to this query dispatch and query result, the user will also get the price for the request, which is displayed on the UI.

There are two boxes - ‘Current’ and ‘Total’ on UI of SDB Explorer, where we display the respective charges.

  • Current: It shows the charges of last executed query / item listing (Explore domain).
  • Total: It shows the total charges of current session [1] .

Note: We do not display the price charged for following operations:

  1. Create domain
  2. Delete domain
  3. List domains
  4. Put attribute
  5. Delete attribute

  • ^ Current session: It is the session starts when you login to SDB Explorer and ends when you logout.

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