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How to create Domain and Attributes in Amazon SimpleDB?


Follow the steps given below to create a new SimpleDB domain:

  1. Run SDB Explorer and connect to your Amazon SimpleDB account.
  2. Click on Create Domain [1] icon on tool bar.
  3. You will be prompted to enter domain name; enter a unique name for your domain
  4. Select region end point from combo box, at which location you want to create your domain.  
  5. Click on  OK button.
  6. Now, status bar will show the following message  - 'Getting domain from Amazon server'.
  7. After a while, a message box will show “Domain is created successfully” . Now, click on OK button. If a domain name already exists, then the interface will suggest you a new name; now, you can select the check box with the new suggested domain name and try again. Once you get a new domain name, click on OK button.
  8. Now, your Domain will be visible on List of Domains (Domain Explorer Window)
  9. With these simple steps, you've created a new domain.


Follow the steps given below to create new attributes in your Domain :

  1. Select and Right click on your domain from the List of Domains.
  2. Click on Put attribute [2] option.
  3. A new window of Put attribute will open.
  4. Domain name will be displayed on Domain text field.
  5. Enter an Item Identifier in Item field.
  6. Enter the name of Attribute in Attribute name field.
  7. Write the value of the attribute in Value field.
  8. The Attribute Value , and Replace (Either True OR False) will be added in the table.
  9. If you want to delete the row from the table, then you should select the particular row followed with a click on Delete button.
  10. Eventually, the row will be deleted from the table.
  11. If you click on Save button, then attributes and their values present in table will be added in domain.
  12. The details of the domain will be displayed in the GRID.
  13. If you click on CANCEL button, then attributes and their value would not be added in the domain and the window will disappear.


  1. Select the domain.
  2. Right click now and select Explore Domain option.
  3. Now, blank rows will be added as denoted by Add icon.
  4. Click on “Create Attribute ” button located over table's tool bar to create a new Attribute.
  5. Add attributes for the domain.
  6. Start editing cell of added rows..
  7. Give unique item name for each row and add values to the respective columns.
  8. When you finish, click on “Save ” button and save your changes.
  9. Now, the process will start in queue.
  10. Later, click on “Refresh ” button to see  changes incorporated.

^ Create Domain: In SDB Explorer, you can find this option in File menu. Navigate to file menu and choose Create Domain option. At the time of creating new domain, please ensure that the domain name does not contain any special characters or spaces.

^ Put attribute: Attributes are traits using which users could define items in a proper manner. Attributes in domain are displayed and they behave as if it is a column header.

You could understand the meaning of an attribute by comparing it with a shirt that possesses numerous attributes like color, size, prize, and manufacturer. Each attribute defines item differently, and overall description of an item can be found by the adding all these descriptions.

You can add attributes any time in the domain and even one cell of an attribute-value pair can contain more than one value; it means an item can be defined by more than one value of its single attribute. Each item can have up to 256 attribute-value pairs. Each attribute name & value can range from 1 to 1,024 bytes.