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How to Export Domain from Amazon SimpleDB to your hard disk in XML format.

Export Domain features in SDB Explorer helps you to export data from Amazon server to your hard disk in XML format.

Steps to export items from SimpleDB domain:

  1. Run SDB Explorer.
  2. Select domain and right click.
  3. Choose Export domain option from menu items.
  4. Select Export in XML from sub menu items.
  5. Export Domain panel will open.
  6. Specify the location, where you want to export the content of domain.
  7. You will also find a list of domains with the check boxes.
  8. Select your desired domain(s) to be exported.
  9. After clicking on export button, a queue panel will appear.
  10. You will see multiple domains exported in multiple threads.
  11. You can stop the exporting process, by right clicking on selected row and clicking on "Stop" in the queue.
  12. You will now see statistics, start time, end time and time taken for exporting.
  13. Once the queue has been finished, you can find your exported data at the specified location.
  14. Click on “Create Export Config” to create an export config that will be required to perform any export action by using the Commander.