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Amazon SimpleDB Bulk Upload: How to upload structured data?

Follow the steps of this tutorial to upload database table's selected fields to Amazon SimpleDB , using SDB Explorer .

Follow the steps given below to upload database like MySql on Amazon SimpleDB:

  1. Run SDB Explorer and connect to your SimpleDB Account.
  2. Click on "Upload" Button located on the tool bar.
  3. A new panel will open now.
  4. Enter the appropriate values to their respective fields.
  5. Check Database Server [1] Type and it should be like com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.
  6. Enter server name and it should be like jdbc:mysql://local host:3306.
  7. Enter user name and password to establish connection with the database server.
  8. Enter Database name from which you want to upload table.
  9. Enter Domain [2] name for which you want to upload structured data of your database, MySQL is one of the database from which we allow uploads. Eventually, we will be adding additional databases very soon. If you enter the name that does not exist, the system will create one for you automatically.  
  10. Enter Query fetch size i.e. the size of the record to be fetched at a time.
  11. Enter Query [3] as select * from doc_name that is to be executed and to be uploaded on Amazon SimpleDB. Here, doc_name is a table name in database.
  12. Click on Execute button.
  13. After executing the query, your fields will be visible in the  Field Name column.
  14. Select fields that you want to upload.
  15. Along with Field Name column, there are two more columns ID Field and Replace.
  16. Check any ID Field with respect to Field Name. This is purely optional.
  17. If you check any ID Field, then that Field name will be considered as an Item-Identifier for the uploaded data to Amazon SimpleDB. This field contains many unique values on Amazon SimpleDB and rest field values will be sorted accordingly. This facilitates the user to select his/her own ID field as an Item-Identifier.
  18. Now, check any Replace with respect to Field Name . This is optional too.
  19. If you check any Replace check box, then on uploading, the value of Field Name will be replaced from the existing value(s), in case, if Items-Identifier is same for this Field name. This facilitates you to add or replace value(s) when Attribute-value pair already exists for a given item.
  20. Click on upload button to upload Data.
  21. After completion of uploading, SDB Explorer will display all the uploaded records automatically.

  • ^ Database Server : A database server is a computer program that provides database services to other computer programs or computers.
  • ^ Domain : A domain is like a spreadsheet or table with items in rows, attributes in column's header, and values in cells. A domain is composed of items, and items are described by attribute-value pairs.
  • ^ Query : A specific request given with Select key word for information retrieval from database. If you want to show entire fields then enter Select * from <table> or specify field instead of * to show desired fields in records.

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