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SDB Commander: A command line interface for Amazon SimpleDB

SDB Commander for Amazon SimpleDB is a command line tool for Amazon SimpleDB. Where, in case of SDB Explorer you perform all operations manually, SDB Commander helps you in scheduling and automation of export feature. Here, automation means the scheduled operations will be automatic as per configured in schedule, so you can use SDB Commander instead of SDB Explorer, when you want to schedule a big export process.

It also provides Export Domain features to export content of domain from Amazon SimpleDB to your local file system in XML format. You either can export all the items of domain in a single XML or only export desired number of items per XML. You can even save your structure data in your native file system, so that you can access data whenever you need. In this way, you will find your exported Amazon SimpleDB data with an easy to understand schema.

You could also use your exported Amazon SimpleDB data to view waste data sets beyond the pagination limit whenever you need them.

Exporting Amazon SimpleDB domain by using SDB Commander needs an export configuration file , which can be created using SDB Explorer's UI.

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